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2020 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, January 17, 2021

CT S&CO - Alehandra Vanhek tube Laura and matching kit

Tube by Alehandra Vanhek called Laura
Available now and perfect for winter season
Purchase the tube at S&Co :
Used matching kit from Mariel Designs
Purchase the kit at S&Co:


Tutorial was written for those that have a working knowledge of PSP
Any resemblance to any other tut is purely coincidental.
Please do not copy it in anyway, do not resize it or claim it’s as your own.

Tube By Alehandra Vanhek called Laura
Scrap kit is a matching kit by Mariel designs
Scrap kit and tube can be bought at
Font : Nuclear Boots
Mask: Of your choice

New image 700x700, white background
At the beginning I want to say I resized all element by at least 40%

I started with the frame LAURA-SNC-MD-F-2
Paste and add shadow
Paper I use LAURA-SNC-MD-P-6
Place behind the frame
Select frame layer, magic wand inside the frame
Selections, modify and expand by 3
Select frame layer, selections invert and hit delete
Also behind the frame flower LAURA-SNC-MD-E-62
I duplicated it 4 times and placed all behind the frame so the only top is visible
I also added the mask (I don’t know from who, if anyone knows let me know)
Place the tube to your liking
Now with the elements
I started with LAURA-SNC-MD-E-89 on the left side
and then LAURA-SNC-MD-E-90m both behind the tube
Also behind the tube I have LAURA-SNC-MD-E-16  and LAURA-SNC-MD-E-67
Now in front of the tube I have:
Flowers  LAURA-SNC-MD-E-26
Candles LAURA-SNC-MD-E-41 and LAURA-SNC-MD-E-91
For the last one I have to say really beautiful element, I used it twice
Flowers again LAURA-SNC-MD-E-48
Hearts LAURA-SNC-MD-E-63
I added some sparkles LAURA-SNC-MD-E-106 (behind tube)
Don’t forget copyright


Beautiful winter scrapkit with stunning winter elements.
The scrap kit has with beautiful Imsael Rac tube included.
 This is the season!!
The scrap kit can be bought here:
♠Designz Scrap Shop:
♣Two Peas in a Pod:
♣Secret Garden Designs
♠All that Glitterz
♠Mystical Scraps


Beautiful winter scrapkit with stunning winter elements.
Scrap kit has with beautiful Ismael Rac tube included.
 This is the season!!
The scrap kit can be bought here:
♠Designz Scrap Shop:
♣Two Peas in a Pod:
♣Secret Garden Designs
♠All that Glitterz
♠Mystical Scraps



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